Container Liners

Container Liners

Your Trusted Provider of Container Liner Solutions

Mico is a leading provider of innovative container liner solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of bulk packaging applications. With a focus on quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, we offer a wide range of container liners tailored to safeguard your products during transit and storage.

Standard Woven HDPE Bulk Container Liners

  • Thick lamination ensures durability and strength.
  • Rigorous quality control measures for contamination prevention.
  • Guaranteed access to discharge port for seamless operation.
  • Easy installation for hassle-free usage.

Humidity Barrier PE Film Container Liner

  • Superior cleanliness and strength for maximum product protection.
  • Ideal for moisture and contamination-sensitive products.
  • Provides ultimate protection against external elements.
  • Ensures guaranteed access to discharge port while remaining cost-effective.

Fluidizing Container Liner

  • Incorporates a full-floor air distribution system for efficient product flow.
  • Non-obtrusive fluidizing system ideal for moisture-sensitive products.
  • Prevents contamination and ensures product integrity during transit.

BARLESS Container Liner

  • Self-restraining inner bracing system eliminates the need for steel bars.
  • Thick lamination and disciplined quality control for superior performance.
  • Built-in redundancy safety system enhances reliability and reduces costs.

SINGLE-BAR Container Liner

  • Features a self-restraining inner bracing system for added stability.
  • Guaranteed discharge spout access and thick lamination for contamination prevention.
  • Offers the same load capacity as standard liners while reducing costs.

THERMAL Container Liner

  • Multi-layer composite construction provides protection from heat and fire.
  • Ideal for preserving product integrity during transit and storage.

Trailer Van Bulk Liner

  • Transforms trailer vans into pneumatic bulk trucks, reducing road shipping costs.
  • Provides clean, food-grade, and water-resistant packaging for dry flowable commodities.


  • Utilizes empty returning reefers to reduce freight costs.
  • Easy to install and transforms any reefer into a bulk container.
  • Provides clean, food-grade, and water-resistant packaging for various commodities.

Why Choose Mico Container Liners

  • Exceptional bulk packaging solutions with top-quality materials and components.
  • Revolutionary designs maximize payload and minimize packaging costs.
  • Offers added value services including consulting, technical support, and responsible sourcing.
  • 100% PE material ensures easy recycling and environmental sustainability.

At Mico, we are committed to providing reliable and cost-effective container liner solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. Contact us today to discuss your bulk packaging requirements and let us help you find the perfect solution for your business.

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