Garment industry

Garment industry

Welcome to Mico Garment Packaging Solutions

At Mico, we understand the importance of packaging in the garment industry, where presentation and protection are key to maintaining the quality and appeal of clothing items. Our range of products is designed to meet the diverse needs of the garment industry while ensuring that garments reach customers in pristine condition.

Poly Bags: Our poly bags offer versatile packaging solutions for garments, providing protection against dust, moisture, and handling damage during storage and transportation.

Garment Covers: Our garment covers are perfect for protecting individual garments, such as suits, dresses, and coats, from dust, wrinkles, and damage during storage and transit.

Hangers: We offer a range of hangers, including plastic, wooden, and padded hangers, to help retailers display garments effectively in stores and showrooms.

Tissue Paper: Our tissue paper is ideal for wrapping delicate garments, providing an extra layer of protection and enhancing the presentation of clothing items.

Hang Tags: Our hang tags can be customized with branding, product information, and care instructions, adding a professional touch to garment packaging and enhancing brand recognition.

Poly Rolls – Flat/Gusset LDPE/PP/HMHDPE: Our poly rolls are suitable for wrapping and protecting garments in bulk, offering flexibility and convenience for packaging operations in garment manufacturing facilities.

Security Tags: We offer a range of security tags and labels to protect garments against theft and unauthorized removal in retail environments, providing peace of mind for retailers and customers alike.

Garment Boxes: Our garment boxes are perfect for packaging and presenting high-end garments, offering a luxurious and elegant packaging solution for special occasions and gifts.

Compostable Packaging: We offer compostable garment bags and packaging materials for eco-conscious brands looking to reduce their environmental footprint, providing sustainable options for garment packaging.

Shipping Labels and Tape: Our shipping labels and tape ensure that garments are properly labeled and sealed for shipping, helping to streamline logistics and ensure accurate delivery to customers.

Garment Bag Dispensers: Our garment bag dispensers offer a convenient and hygienic solution for storing and dispensing garment bags in retail environments, ensuring that garments remain protected and organized.

Custom Printed Packaging: We offer custom printing services for garment packaging, allowing brands to showcase their logos, designs, and branding messages on packaging materials, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.

At Mico Garment Packaging Solutions, we are committed to providing high-quality packaging solutions that meet the specific needs of the garment industry. Explore our range of products to find the solutions that best fit your garment packaging requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about how Mico Garment Packaging Solutions can enhance the presentation and protection of your clothing items.

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