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Our silage films product range is designed to fulfil every aspect of your silaging needs and to secure optimal preservation of your forage. Our silage film products include:

  • Conventional silage sheets
  • Oxygen barrier silage sheets
  • Underlayer films
  • Sidewall films

The oxygen barrier is created by using an EVOH-layer employing state-of-the art 7-layer technology.

Excellent performance with thinner silage film

Protect forage and maintain feed quality with Mico, a silage sheet that combines cost-effectiveness with optimal performance. Manufactured from high-quality raw materials, Mico films are thinner than most silage films and boasts excellent mechanical properties.

Material: LDPE and UV stabiliser.

Silage film for the optimal preservation of forage

With their excellent mechanical properties, Mico silage sheets deliver the best possible forage and are user-friendly. 

Material: LDPE with UV stabiliser.

Oxygen barrier silage sheet for higher forage quality

Benefit from better forage quality through Mico´s highly efficient barrier property. The film’s EVOH barrier blocks oxygen more efficiently when compared to conventional silage films. 

Material: PE / EVOH / PE with UV stabiliser and produced with 7-layer technology.

Vacuum effect with high-quality underlay film

Improved feed quality

Minimize air between your silage and silage sheet, and improve feed quality . The film clings to silage quickly and perfectly, creating a vacuum and eliminating air pockets. The underlay film is coextruded and is 40 μm thick. 

Using a quality underlay film is important as it provides you with extra protection in case of damage to the silage sheet.

Material: PE / EVOH / PE with UV-stabiliser and produced with 7-layer technology.

Sidewall film for wall protection

Mico Sidewall films prevents oxygen from permeating into the clamp walls and damaging your silage. The film also protects concrete walls from acids formed during the fermentation process. 

The width of MicoSidewall should be twice the height of the wall. This allows the film to be folded over the shoulder of the clamp, protecting the clamp’s most sensitive part.

Material: PE / EVOH / PE with UV-stabiliser and produced with 7-layer technology.

Benefits of Silage Film

  • Nutrient Preservation: Silage film restricts air exposure, preventing unwanted aerobic bacteria from degrading the forage. This ensures your animals receive feed rich in vitamins, carotene, and other essential nutrients.

  • Reduced Spoilage: Airtight seals minimize moisture loss and prevent mold growth, significantly reducing spoilage and waste. This translates to substantial cost savings for your farm.

  • Durability and Protection: Silage films are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are resistant to punctures, tears, and UV rays, safeguarding your valuable silage throughout storage.

  • Improved Animal Health: High-quality silage contributes to better animal health and performance. By preserving vital nutrients, silage film helps maintain strong immune systems and promotes optimal weight gain and milk production.

Applications of Silage Film

  • Bale Wrap: Silage film is primarily used to securely wrap around round bales of silage crops. The stretchiness of the film creates a tight seal, ensuring an oxygen-depleted environment for proper fermentation.

  • Clamp Covers: Large silage piles stored in bunker silos can also benefit from silage film covers. These custom-sized tarps offer an extra layer of protection against moisture ingress and air infiltration.

  • Silage Bags: An alternative storage method involves using specialized silage bags. These large, tubular bags are filled with chopped forage and then sealed with silage film to create an airtight environment.