Poly rolls – Flat / Gusset from LDPE/PP/HMHDPE

Poly rolls – Flat / Gusset from LDPE/PP/HMHDPE

Discover the versatility of Poly Rolls – Flat / Gusset from LDPE/PP/HMHDPE by Mico. Our high-quality rolls provide a reliable solution for a wide range of packaging needs.

Durable Materials

Crafted from premium LDPE, PP, or HMHDPE materials, our poly rolls offer exceptional strength and durability. Whether you’re packaging food products, industrial materials, or retail goods, our rolls provide reliable containment and protection.

Flat or Gusseted Options

Choose from flat or gusseted poly rolls to suit your specific packaging requirements. Our flat rolls offer simplicity and versatility, while gusseted rolls provide increased capacity and flexibility for bulky or irregularly shaped items.

Customizable Solutions

At Mico, we understand that every packaging project is unique. That’s why we offer customizable poly rolls tailored to your specific needs. From different roll sizes and thicknesses to custom printing and colors, we work closely with you to create rolls that meet your exact specifications.

Versatile Applications

Our poly rolls are suitable for a variety of applications, including packaging, shipping, storage, and more. Whether you need to protect products during transit, organize inventory in your warehouse, or wrap items for retail display, our rolls provide a convenient and cost-effective packaging solution.

  1. Retail and Merchandising: Poly rolls are extensively used in retail stores for packaging various items such as clothing, accessories, toys, and household goods.
  2. Food and Beverage Packaging: Poly rolls are utilized in the food industry for packaging perishable items like fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products, as well as non-perishable items like snacks and dry goods.
  3. Agriculture and Horticulture: Poly rolls find application in agriculture for packaging and protecting crops, seeds, fertilizers, and mulch, as well as in horticulture for wrapping and bundling plants and flowers.
  4. Shipping and Logistics: Poly rolls are essential in the shipping and logistics industry for packaging and protecting goods during transit, including parcels, boxes, and palletized loads.
  5. Construction and Building Materials: Poly rolls are commonly used in the construction industry for packaging and protecting materials such as sand, gravel, cement, bricks, and piping.
  6. Textile Manufacturing: Poly rolls are utilized in textile manufacturing for packaging fabrics, garments, and other textile products during production, storage, and transportation.
  7. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: Poly rolls are employed in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries for packaging medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceutical products, including sterile and non-sterile items.
  8. Industrial and Manufacturing: Poly rolls are used in various manufacturing processes for packaging raw materials, components, and finished products across a wide range of industries.
  9. Waste Management and Recycling: Poly rolls are crucial in waste management and recycling facilities for bagging and containing recyclable materials such as plastics, paper, and cardboard.
  10. Automotive and Transportation: Poly rolls find application in the automotive industry for packaging automotive parts, components, and accessories, as well as for protecting vehicles during transportation.

Enhanced Protection

With their strong and durable construction, our poly rolls provide reliable protection against moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. Keep your products safe and secure with Mico’s high-quality poly rolls.

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